Hazim Sami

Graphic Design / Web / Photography

As I delve into the world of frontend coding to complement my graphic design skills, this website serves as my dynamic playground, evolving alongside my learning journey. Expect continuous changes and enhancements as I find my footing in the world of web development.

In due course, I'll be introducing a blog section—a space where I share insights gained along the way. Some posts will be personal notes, serving as valuable references for me in the future, and hopefully, offering a helping hand to others venturing into the same territory.

Feel free to connect with me on X (formerly Twitter) or drop me an email; I always appreciate engaging conversations. For those who enjoy a more social touch, take a peek at my musical preferences on Last.FM. It might just be the perfect conversation starter—we can dive into the world of music.

In the pipeline, there's an exciting project brewing: a mixtape site set to launch before my portfolio site.


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